That day I was having a walk on the mountain Amiata, which is the highest in our area, a place where a local Dzogchen community is located. So its a very beautiful place with a scenic view over the Tuscany valleys.
We were walking in the forest almost on the hilltop of Amiata, already heading back to our car, when I saw upper on the tree-full slope a bunch of quiet big rocks. “There is something to explore there”, I thought and encouraged my wife to go and look at the place. Soon we found a bunch of rocks of volcanic origin lying all around, some of them really big ones. The higher we were going, more rocks were there and bigger they become. At his point I was already exploring it alone, when suddenly I saw this beautiful creature which I wouldn’t expect to see in this geographic location of Italy – Amanita (curiously it resembles also the name of the mountain)!
First I thought “That’s it! It’s waiting here for me to find it”. The next thing, after contemplating this beauty for a second, was the knowing, that I just need to follow that direction in which I’ve found the mushroom, leaving itself there, intact.
In a distance of 100m more was IT – a shrine-like looking rock, split in two, literally calling to visit it. I entered slowly “the shrine”, looked around and it was just so clear – this is a kind of place where you just sit and receive.
* * *
I remember the two rocky walls on each side of myself were giving a mixed sensation of squeezing something which I have and amplifying at the same time. Soon the silence was overwhelming all the rest.
Within this silence there was a clarity. Not everything that I find on the path under my feet is there to be consumed, eaten. The subtle world that is always somewhere around, within the space of immediate desire or head-understanding, is so full of things for us to be contemplated and to be known. The World is fragile and precious as a flower. Most of the times the flower opens up and shows us its beauty when we are able to have be patient and kind, following the direction of an insight.
In the translation it would go something like this. Go for the experience armed with an intention, knowing the motivation and serving your deepest purpose. Take something when really needed. When you do take on this experience, whatever IT is, go deeply, to the bottom, until you know it.
* * *
With this entry I open my Blog where to share the insights and encounters of journeys with medicine teachers and medicine men around the Earth.