There’s a lot of discussion around about the preparation and being prepared to the experience with a shamanic journey, to the states and depths of conscious and subconscious where a teacher plant takes the person who faces these journeys. The talk in general is about two things – what does it mean to be prepared and what is the preparation like? Then going into the details we can ask, what is the preparation for, what are the priorities? Can I go to this experience without following all these preparation items? Is it possible to be prepared for something like this at all?

The first is that we cannot be prepared for what actually is going to come through Ayahuasca in a sense that we can be prepared for the exam by learning a book which is a subject of the exam. The only kind of preparation we discuss here is that, which allows as to be more open, lucid and more strong (energetic or vital) for facing the unknown, mysterious and often what’s beyond what we can even imagine. We are talking here about preparation of the house to receive an honored guest, cleaning it as good as we can, taking out the garbage, not really throwing out everything we have, cooking a simple, healthy dinner and light up an incense; we are not talking about buying a new house just to receive a guest. So we make a best effort with what is already there.

Following our house metaphor we can say we also take a shower after taking out the garbage, probably brush the teeth. It may also be good to leave aside for awhile some daily worries: problems of being late for the bill payments, reflecting on difficulties in our corporate projects, because we want to receive our honored guest and simply be present and careful with him. So, for 10 minutes before he arrives we can just sit in silence with half closed eyes and breathe, because our honored guest is not coming so often to visit us and it always brings and teaches us exactly what we are able to receive.

A lot has been said around the Internet about how to prepare for an Ayahuasca experience, what to eat, what not to eat, what to do or to avoid doing, so I’d like to give my contribution to this topic by incorporating all of the essentials things in a comprehensive guidelines about preparation for Ayahuasca experience in Ayahuasca Ceremony Guidelines page.