Nature provides with everything so that life can survive and thrive. Humans embrace this abundance, and, through curiosity and intelligence, are able to tap into further mysteries of life and consciousness. 

Nature provides with abundance, supporting a host of life form variety, that altogether create the perfection of life on Earth. Humans, one of the organisms on Earth, are a part of the unified ecosystem, although we somehow take up a category of its own.

All the known organisms limit their activities to searching for food, reproduction and everything else required to achieve these tasks. We, humans, share the same primary instincts with other organisms, but we also do stuff which goes further the realm of simple survival and reproduction. We explore.

Since the dawn of humanity we have nurtured ourselves with plants, animals and funghi. Our basic instincts allowed us to discover and know how to use the food for our basic physical survival. Then our curiosity and explorer’s nature let us discover additional properties of certain plants and organisms, which lead us to develop the field of medicine.

The early medicine people discovered the remedies that help to heal the wounds and recover from illnesses. The medicine is essentially any treatment that restores our physical functions to their full capacity.

Discovery of Nature’s Teachers

Traditional medicine men or medicine women were explorers by necessity. While testing the plants and potion mixtures, they had to experiment and, at times, compromise their own safety. Whichever were the circumstances in case of each tradition, they also discovered some plants and remedies that operate in different ways, than the medicines for body.

The remedies made from specific parts of the plants, funghi or animals (further referred to as “plants” or “nature teachers”) were used to activate their extraordinary, secret properties. While medicines for the body served to heal and be healed, master plants revealed themselves as allies and teachers. The nature’s teachers took on a role of providing information, knowledge and guidance.

The stories passed on through generations how plants can make one sensitive enough to see the spiritual, subtle aspects of natural phenomena. In the experience with teacher plants the healers or shamans were able to perceive outside world in more depth and also to guide in seeing the root causes for patients’ and their own personal disharmony.