In preparation for Ayahuasca ceremony there are three important aspects to take care of ourselves

Ayahuasca is one of most potent master plants found in nature. It doesn’t fit into category of recreational drug or psychedelic nor is it addictive. Misuse of Ayahuasca with damaging or lethal outcomes are quite rare, however there are number of factors that may contribute to unnecessary unpleasant experiences, which most of the times can be avoided before the ceremony with properly preparing for it. 

Here we cover that aspect of preparation that supports easier digestion and lighter effects of Ayahuasca brew on physical level. Although these guidelines focus on physical side of Ayahuasca, we follow a view of ourselves as holistic system, where changes at one level will have adjustments on other levels as well. 

The transformative aspect of Ayahuasca experience and about how it can be supported in practically effective ways are covered in Ground Process.

Medical precautions

Use of some pharmaceuticals could have unpleasant or even adverse effects in combination with MAOI i.e. Ayahuasca, wile others may have minimal or no interaction at all. 

A simplified approach for the use of pharmaceuticals with Ayahuasca – if its not for treating a critical health condition, suspend at least one day before and until one day after Ayahuasca. For that, however, always consult your physician about making adjustments in your treatment schedule and is also recommended to consult about combining your prescription medication with an MAOI.

Potentially most dangerous category of medication to be combined with Ayahuasca is medication that has an effect on serotonin levels SSRI’s. 

Other medications you must suspend taking are decongestants, cold medications, allergy medications, antihistamines, sedatives, tranquillisers, amphetamines (including Adderall), some hypertensive medications, sympathomimetic amines including pseudoephedrine and ephedrine, carbamazipine, methylphemidate (Ritalin), macromerine, phenelanine, tyrosine, tryptophan, asarone/calamus, asthma inhalers and diet pills.

It is important to gradually decrease the use of aforementioned 2-6 weeks before taking Ayahuasca.

Please check Drugs to avoid using Ayahuasca page for a specific medication (based on material from

If you are in a therapy with psychotherapist, receiving treatments for any type of depressive disorders (anxiety, OCD, addiction etc.) or using drugs (heroin, cocaine, amphetamine, opiates etc) or have had them at any time in the past, need to consult the ceremony organisers at least 6 weeks before attending Ayahuasca ceremony. Combined use of other master plants or psychedelics (psylocibine mushrooms, marijuana, DMT, LSD etc.) is not recommended with Ayahuasca. Person is fully responsible for sharing with organisers about past or current drug issues, notable physical or psychological disorders or current use of prescription drugs or other medication on a regular basis. Consult with ceremony organisers in advance in case you have untreated tuberculosis, weak heart or liver condition, pregnancy or about any other health issues which may potentially interfere or create undesired effects in combination with Ayahuasca.

Recommended dietary guidelines

What are the foods better to avoid and which are most recommended? What is the best nutrition before and after Ayahuasca to render the body and mind most suitable for receiving its benefits? It’s easier to follow a set of principles than try to learn all of the possible combinations. These recommendations reflect our personal preferences and experience of what works the best, taking into consideration traditional guidelines for Ayahuasca practice.

The main NO for Ayahuasca is NO PORK and NO ALCOHOL before and after (B&A).

    The basic guidelines are:

  • – NO red/heavy meats (pork, beef, sheep, tuna) a week b&a
  • – NO seafood (shellfish, clams, shrimps, eel etc)
  • – NO strong alcohol (week b&a) or beer, wine (3 days b&a)
  • – NO hot food, red pepper, etc. – 2 days before
  • – NO fermented food, pickles, herring, anchovy’s, old cheese 1 day b&a

A moderate consumption of salt, sugar and general sweets honey is recommended 3 days b&a.

You can use olive, coconut or other non complex fats, avoiding deep fried foods. Fresh or cooked vegetables and or legumes (beans, peas) and preferably whole-grain cereals like rice, buckwheat, oats, barley etc. Recommended to avoid Quinoa for its usually long digestion time. 

The most simple diet is to eat light vegetarian food for up to 3 days before and after the Ayahuasca, with moderate to low levels of salt, sugar and fats. Raw food, fresh fruits (except banana) and juices on the day of Ayahuasca is most recommended.

On the day of Ayahuasca ceremony. Simple vegetarian breakfast and lunch (recommended vegan food or fasting in individual cases). Avoid hot food, coffee or caffeine containing drinks, eggs, dairy and sweet pastry. Recommended to fast 4-6 hours before the session, although that depends on the type of Ayahuasca brew. It is ok to drink water or herbal tea before the ceremony with a light fruit snack up to 2 hours before the ceremony.

Its recommended for people with slow digestion and/or high acidity and mucus levels, in addition to basic guidelines, exclude following foods from their diet one week before taking Ayahuasca: all dairy (cheese, cream, except yogurt and kefir) and fine wheat flour products with gluten, pastries with high amounts of butter or complex fats and sugars, like cakes, cookies and other sweet snacks. 

If you are not sure about your digestion, a universal recommendation for diet before Ayahuasca is to eat raw food – fruit, vegetables and fresh juices. This supports provides high levels of energy and nutrition and makes body more available to Ayahuasca.

Optional Cleanse or Dieta

According to Amazonian traditional approach, master plants work most completely when following traditional Dieta, which excludes all fats, salts, natural or processed sugars, flours, dairy etc. There can also be other forms of restricted diet or specific cleansing courses, give a physical boost and may significantly increase sensitivity to master plants.

Some examples:

  • organic-vegan diet
  • raw diet
  • alkaline diet
  • mucusless diet (A.Ehret)
  • liver and gallbladder cleanse series
  • juice fast
  • master cleanse 
  • traditional Amazonian Dieta with plants
  • Kambo treatments

We recommend to inform organisers if you have had any recent cleanse process prior to Ayahuasca ceremony.