A Vajra Song of Götsangpa

Namo Ratna Guru

I bow to the lord who grants the bliss that is utterly supreme
Which takes away the suffering of illness
For every being that’s everywhere throughout the reaches of space
By administering the medicine of the three kayas

In the pure space of the sky that’s the sky of essential mind itself
The clouds of negative actions thickly gather
But the mighty force of the powerful wind of the wisdom prana
Doesn’t blow them away, but clears them up like this

The illness and its painfulness have neither base nor root
Relax into it, fresh and uncontrived
Revealing dharmakaya way beyond all speech and thought
Don’t shun them, pain and illness are basically good

What confusion takes to be taking place is negative forces’ work
But it’s all your own mind, simple, unborn, unceasing
Without anxiety or even worrying at all
Don’t shun them, demons and gods are basically good

When the agony of illness strikes your four-fold elements
Don’t grasp at its stopping, don’t get angry when it won’t improve
Such adversities have the flavor of bliss that’s free of contagion’s blight
These kleshas are not to be shunned, they’re basically good

All of our joys and the pain we go through, all of our highs and lows
When realized, have no ground, they are our friends
Don’t try to stop pain, don’t try to be happy, be free of all hope and fear
Samsara is not to be shunned, it’s basically good

And though this human life is plagued by the torments of falling ill
Don’t think that’s bad, don’t plan to get around it
Then it will be your badge, your proof of conduct of equal taste
Your suffering’s not to be shunned, it’s basically good

The mind that’s sunk in dullness and torpor, when realized for what it is
Is pure being pure of every imperfection
So, free of thinking you should be wishing to clear this all away
Don’t shun your dense state of mind, it’s basically good

Habitual patterns’ imprints printed throughout beginningless time
Are the myriad doors illusion comes marching through
If you do not take them as true, don’t meditate on them as empty
Don’t shun your thoughts, they’re basically good in themselves

The state of coemergence has no birth and knows no death
Knows nothing of arising or ceasing or staying somewhere
It’s infinity, it’s the vast expanse of the unconditioned state
Don’t shun your death, it’s basically good in itself