Treasured teacher, I pray to you.
Give me energy to let self-fixation go.
Give me energy to be free of need.
Give me energy to let ordinary thinking stop.
Give me energy to know mind has no beginning.
Give me energy to let confusion subside on its own.
Give me energy to know that experience is pure being.

An advice from Dakini Niguma to Khyungpo Naljor

Like and dislike are the mind’s disease,
Certain to drown you in samsara’s sea.
Know that there is nothing here at all,
And then, my child, everything is gold.

Experience arises like magic.
If you practice like magic
You will awaken like magic
Through the power of faith.

Don’t think about your teacher or your practice.
Don’t think about what is real or not real.
Don’t think about anything at all.
Don’t control what you experience.
Just rest in how things are.”

With these words, she dissolves into light,
And, like water pouring into water,
She and I become one.

(Rest without reference and then conclude with this dedication)

I let go of all the good that comes from this practice:
May it touch everyone and everything I know.
May it ease the pain of struggle everywhere.
And awaken new possibilities for all.