One of my major motivations in joining Edmunds for teacher plant ceremonies was to get in touch with aspects of myself which are very important and yet which I have lost sight of, since I live in a big city and work in front of a computer most of the time. I wanted to remember and to rediscover what is really important to me and to find ways to return these things to my daily life. I was missing things! The teacher plant ceremonies have helped me a great deal in finding my own path and to begin to make progress in this. The first time I met Edmunds was at Corto Maltes Lodge, in the Peruvian Amazon, a beautiful and ultimately very appropriate settiing for anyone's first experience with Ayahuasca. The ceremonies themselves were both very beautiful and very difficult for me, the most confronting parts really forcing a severe amount of self-reflection which has helped me to work more on myself and also to live more in the moment, which is a beautiful thing! I discovered very concretely the value of self-respect for myself and have now started to implement certain things in my life which have allowed me to share more love with others. It is very important also that I felt looked after all the time. Edmunds is a very attentive, respectful and responsible shaman who has helped me in some very deep ways when the ceremonies have become far too much for me, particularly through his use of song and his gorgeous voice! Now this is very important because going through one of these ceremonies is ultimately a very serious and potentially difficult process. Edmunds provides a safe space for such experiences. Outside the ceremonies at Corto Maltes, we all went swimming together, took day trips to visit local farms and tribes with our fantastic guide Frank, and went swimming in Lake Sandoval. Just as important as the ceremony is the time to share and commune and eat together. The food at Corto Maltes is amazing, by the way. The second time I met with Edmunds was in Lanzarote, for a yoga/meditation/teacher plant retreat, which for me was an opportunity to explore the relationships between the practices of yoga, meditation and Ayahuasca ceremonies, something I had been thinking a great deal about since my first experiences with the teacher plant resembled certain meditative processes I had been through, particularly in relation to the development of moment-to-moment awareness. In this week I made a great deal of progress in my meditation practice and yet was reminded very concretely and quite painfully of the obstacles I will always face. I went through something very painful which Edmunds helped me out of and from which I have also learnt a lot about myself and ways to acknowledge and deal with these parts of myself which are not so easy to be with. This retreat was very powerful. It would perhaps be better served if the programs of yoga, meditation and days of silence were more rigorous and more respected by all the participants. A number of the people there were not interested in much besides the Ayahuasca ceremonies and this is cool but perhaps such a retreat is not for them ūüôā I would recommend these experiences to people who wish to discover more about themselves, the world and their reality. I would also caution them that this is a very serious and potentially painful way of doing so, which in the end is highly fruitful. Dong so with Edmunds guarantees a beautiful, safe and respectful environment for such a deep, profound process to take place.
Hugo Bowne-Anderson
Being in retreat with Don Bechin was a significant step in my life and my first shamanic experience. I cannot forget the way as the friends I met there approached me somewhat incredulous: 'how did you get here?', emphasizing that they'd been searching for a veritable shaman for a whole year. But it seemed to me that it couldn't have been any easier (due to connection and synchronicity) - I got there through Edmunds' site: Shamanic-Explorer (now Ayahuasca Prajna). In what the experience itself is concerned: it was a returning to the womb of life! Nothing new - I shall say -, once it is something so inmost to ourselves. But there is nothing like a firsthand reminder of who we are and where we come from. Although having gone through what it felt being the purgatory... In general was a straightforward way to simplify the approach to life, making it less complicated. And particularly valuable given the possibility of seeing what am meant to be in life. That glimpse was a true gift! Thanks to Edmunds and Don Bechin.
André Batalha
In this grand time of human awakening, when ever more people seek higher guidance and truer direction in their lives, the sacred medicines at last long take their place among the many paths that lead to the remembrance of one's true self. Ayahuasca provides one of the most direct and immediate pathways to self-inquiry and one only has to grab the opportunity that it provides for unrestrained personal and spiritual growth! It is one of the most confrontational ways of healing one's inner self and in participation one is moved beyond the muddled and noisy mind, into the intuitive heart center, whence resides peace and unbounded love. And as with the microcosm of a single human soul so the macrocosm of humanity for it is here that humanity now finds itself, at the cross roads, seeking the remembrance of its own true nature. Mother Ayahuasca will without any reservations or pretence show you your most deeply buried aspects of ourselves. Dredge them up for a re-examination and re-integration. For this is the only way to spiritual growth. No part of the shadow self shall be left behind, swept under the carpet or be left unforgiven. It will present to you your worst, most negative aspects and show you how to heal yourself. It will tell you no lies and you will be shown with absolute clarity your impact upon others. What you need to adjust and what you need to let go off. Mother Ayahuasca in all her wisdom exposes your most immediate issues and grants you a higher perspective on them, one that cannot be attained by the everyday rational mind. She shows you your pains and your fears, so that you might climb the ladder of evolution ever higher by re-learning unconditional love. The remembering of your true essence, and indeed, the essence of All that Is. Make no mistake about it, this is not a weekend excursion to the park, this is serious work on the self, that requires utmost dedication and disciplined preparation. Skirting issues such as proper diet prior and subsequently to the workshop serves only to lesson the effect and the purpose of the whole exercise. Our mainstream society provides/ed so many unhealthy temptations that go against our wellbeing, that one is definitely challenged to find that which benefits one most. I found this one of the keys to proper preparation and subsequently true to form, found myself requiring much less food than normal during the workshops. This is the physical proof that the spiritual work at the workshops has almost immediate real world results. But I must say with a smile of remembrance that I truly enjoyed the healthy food on offer while I was there. And those who already were on the path of eating healthy, no doubt immediately appreciated the importance and the joy of finding something new to munch. Every soul has its own individual journey and story. It is thus up to each and every person to decide how they will get from point A to point B. In the end all journeys are just as important and just as beautiful. And whether one seeks the company of shamans of Peru and the Amazon or the company of one's spirit guides, angels and galactic races, they are all there to help you in your journey in this life. Thus I heartily recommend these workshops to all, because all are ultimately on a journey of self exploration. The company of shamans that shall accompany you is one of warmth and love. Their beautiful songs carry you peacefully and providently through your darkest hours, your most exhilarating visions and your most profound lessons. But this I say without exaggeration, the group of wonderful people undertaking the same journey as you, besides Mother Ayahuasca of course, they will be your greatest teachers while you are there. And if you have never truly felt connected on a soul level to another person, yeah, expect that to become the whole group. As you are shown the illusion of separation and the truth of universal love. If I could sum up this wonderful journey with the sacred medicines of Peru, I would sum it up so: Those who have not experienced direct knowing, who have not been enveloped by direct experience, they know nothing. This is your chance to know the infinity that dwells beyond the mind. To remember who you truly are!
Andre Vas
Despues de haber empezado un proceso psicoanal√≠tico hace ocho a√Īos, quer√≠a aprofundir este trabajo con la ayuda de la Madre Ayahuasca. Ya hab√≠a vivido experiencias con plantas sagradas en M√©xico, que me han ayudado much√≠simo en mi propio conocimiento, en encontrar mi lugar en este mundo, a ser parte de un todo y que este todo sea tambi√©n parte de mi, a crear con la Madre Tierra una relaci√≥n de ‚Äúcaminar juntas mano a mano‚ÄĚ, cuid√°ndonos mutualmente. La experiencia con la Planta ha sido totalmente diferente de lo que me pod√≠a imaginar... Durante el taller y a lo largo de las ceremonias, descubr√≠ y san√© una parte de mis sombras, de mis miedos, de mis bloqueos, entre todo mi resistencia a dejarme amar, mi falta de confianza, y de una manera m√°s global, a entender que merezco esto. Sent√≠ mi coraz√≥n abrirse, me dej√© submergir por un amor puro, y este amor iba sanando uno por uno los momentos dolorosos de mi pasado. Este amor me iba ense√Īando como estar m√°s tolerante hacia mi misma, hacia el otro, a perdonar, a simplemente vivir sabiendo que somos humanos y que nadie es perfecto, que los errores no nos tienen que avergonzar sino que nos ayudan a crecer. El Ayahuasca me ayud√≥ a Amar y a Perdonar. Y definitivamente, creo que el Amor y el Perd√≥n son unas de las llaves maestras hacia una vida m√°s equilibrada. Perdonarse y amarse, es el inicio del perdonar y amar al Otro, y estoy convencida de que es el inicio de un c√≠rculo virtuoso de paz y de sabidur√≠a. Aconsejo esta experiencia a toda persona lista a enfrentarse, enfrentar sus miedos, en una din√°mica, un deseo de cambiar, y que se sienta lista para esto. Este workshop ha sido un viaje del cuerpo, del coraz√≥n y del esp√≠ritu. Un viaje tan adentro que afuera. Ha sido uno de estos viajes que cambian una vida... Me siento m√°s en paz, liberada. Agradezco much√≠simo Edmunds, cada compa√Īero del taller, y cada participante de las ceremonias, por habernos acompa√Īados en este camino de sanaci√≥n, porque cada uno de ellos, con su presencia, sus palabras, su energ√≠a, hizo que todo fue posible.
Agathe Bruniquel
My life is almost resumed at full speed and I feel that something has definitely changed. Something clicked in my mind is perhaps perhaps I started to connect my thoughts in a manner consistent with the heart sure the path is still long but I feel that the teachers plants I have purified from old beliefs and who have contributed to discover a different way of seeing reality much closer the self-respect of others and the environment in which we live. Ayahuasca taught me that we are beings as powerful as insignificant if we do not use the power of our heart to connect to the rest of the universe and make our contribution to this dream is the life of which we are participants, but also co creators responsible for a gift that should not be used to follow the laws of power and destruction they are bringing humanity perhaps the most delicate moment in its history to the breaking point with mother earth and to selfdistruction of their own species . I am in my my little maybe I'm learning the lesson , and I hope that this experience will continue to guide me choices every day to try to amplify the divine spark that lies within each of us . Welcome and thank you again Edmund and Alessandra all the time . patience , but above all for their help and words full of friendship that have helped me so much during this trip. A hug to all Brian , David , Kevin, Dimitry, Alessandro, Gianluca, Sophia and Mrs.Teresa. Thanks again for everything Always at your disposal La mia vita √® quasi ripresa a pieno ritmo e sento che sicuramente qulacosa √® cambiato. Qualcosa forse √® scattato nella mia mente forse ho iniziato a collegare i miei pensieri in maniera pl√Ļ coerente con il cuore sicuramente il percorso ancora √® lungo ma sento che le piante maestre mi abbiano purificato da vecchie credenze e che abbiano contribuito alla scoperta di un modo diverso di vedere la realt√† molto pi√Ļ vicina al rispetto di se stessi degli altri e dell'ambiente in cui viviamo. L'ayahuasca mi ha insegnato che siamo esseri tanto potenti quanto insignificanti se non utilizziamo il potere del nostro cuore per connetterci al resto dell'universo e dare il nostro contributo a questo sogno che √® la vita di cui siamo partecipanti ma anche co creatori responsabili di un dono che non andrebbe usato per seguire leggi di potere e distruzione che stanno portando l'umanita forse nel momento pi√Ļ delicato della sua storia a un punto di rottura con la madre terra ed ad autoannienamento della propria specie. Io nel mio mio piccolo forse sto imparando la lezione e spero che questa esperienza mi continui a guidare nelle scelte di ogni giorno per cercare di amplificare la scintilla divina che si nasconde dentro ognuno di noi. Saluto e ringrazio ancora Edmund e Alessandra per tutto il tempo. la pazienza ma sopratutto per le loro parole cariche di aiuto e amicizia che tanto mi hanno aiutato durante questo viaggio. Un abbraccio a tutti, Brian, David, Kevin, Dimitry, Alessandro, Gianluca, Sophia e alla signora Teresa. Grazie ancora di tutto Sempre a vostra disposizione
Emiliano Petrilli