Ayahuasca and San Pedro Retreat in Amazon and Andes

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Join us for 10 days retreat in Amazon and Andesa journey with main Peruvian master plants Ayahuasca and San PedroA retreat held on New Years eve for empowering our path, embrace mystery and celebrate the beauty of life.

Upcoming dates: Dec 28 – Jan 6
Location: “Corto Maltes Amazonia” lodge, Puerto Maldonado, Sacred Valley, Cusco
Early bird registration open until Oct 18


Amazon jungle

In the Amazon our main medicine work is with Ayahuasca. Three Ayahuasca ritual ceremonies are conducted during the night on the 1st, 3rd and 5th day in a round building, called maloca (the temple). Ceremony location is about 400m from the main area of the jungle lodge. Corto Maltes lodge maloca is a closed space with roof, fully screened with mosquito net that keeps out the insects and provide shelter from rain, allowing to stay inside the ceremony with least distractions.
During the retreat we have excursions and near-by walks in the jungle, visit Tambopata nature reserve at lake Sandoval and Ese Eja indigenous community.

Sacred Valley and Cusco

On the day 7 we travel to Cusco (40min flight) region and stay in the Sacred Valley.
The concluding ceremony with San Pedro is a little adventure on the mountain tops overseeing the Sacred Valley. While visiting the area of Quinsa Kocha mountain lake, we will slowly hike up the mountain under the gentle guidance of San Pedro (wachuma) and our retreat facilitators, symbolising an ascension into new levels of comprehension of the experience gained during this 10-day retreat.

Experience and Integration

Processes brought up in the ceremonies are essential elements of the retreat, being like pointers in our map of inner healing. Also important part of retreat is feedback from what we experience, thus every ceremony is followed by sharing circle next day, where we bring into daylight the insights, revelations and questions.

Besides accompanying the ceremonies, retreat facilitators help with confronting everything that surfaces during the 10-day process. Applying years of integration experience, along with group sharing circles we offer individual counseling and guidance to empower and create conditions for a personal transformation.


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