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Meeting sacred medicines of Peru

Following my curiosity and long time interest about entheogens and traveling to South America, I have been fortunate for being able to study and work with Ayahuasca, mostly under guidance of ayahausqueros Diego Palma and Don Bechin Vargas. For years I have been assisting work of plant guides and accompanying inner work of travellers from around the world, adventuring in healing and transforming themselves in a non-conventional way. My personal process mostly consisted of studying these ancestral medicines directly, in practice, during the ceremonies, retreats and dietas.

While serving as a facilitator in Sacred Valley and Amazon, I witnessed people taking home powerful insights, inspired by possibilities of change, revelations and newly acquired wisdom or “just” a clear message that one needs to go back home and start hugging their closest ones. Also it was not uncommon for some to take home questions like – “What now?”, “How do I live with this?” or “Why some things became more difficult?”. Well, unfortunately, the degree of frustration sometimes may increase, as the process with plants creates new movement and bring new variables into play.

About Ayahuasca Prajna

After seeing once, we cannot un-see. We can pretend, downplay it altogether as a weird dream of an alien ritual while visiting a remote foreign country, but deep down we know it happened. For many of us there are times of either missing the tools to see through decorations of our mental content or to not have a proper container in which we can carry it. Or, if we do hold onto our insight, there may not be further meaningful movement about it.

No surprise, Western culture does not promote a kind of training for mind that makes this experiences easy to deal with. Although Ayahuasca process partially can and does provide such type of training, if we are not already coming from trans-personal psychology, Buddhist, Advaita or other similar mind training contexts, it may only evolve over many years or decades of Ayahuasca ceremonies with supportive setting.

In spiritual traditions of India Prajñā (from here on Prajna) is used to describe higher consciousness, supreme wisdom, insight (Buddhism), understanding, intelligence, knowing, transcendental wisdom (Hinduism) or “that which enables conscious faculties” (Upanishad, simplified).

Prajna applied to master plants is an approach of taking personal process beyond experience into context of trans-personal evolution. Rather than taking it for granted, that a healer will fix or a teacher will transform us, Ayahuasca Prajna method proposes to harness seemingly limitless transformative potential inherent in every one of us.

We can have many experiences, but to what extent are we able to navigate them? Experience alone doesn’t lead to a transformative event. Mastery, by which we conduce it, have this potential. These and other insights and experiences where ones that are briefly condensed as Ground Process. I sincerely wish it serves well whoever is in need.

EdmundsEnjoys to facilitate creative conditions; passionate for applied philosophy and world music
A brief story goes like this. As I was less than 10 years old, the pounding questions about existence and its nature spoke to me through unusual perceptions from beyond of my mind-space, hinting me to suspect, that there’s something greater happening than what I was taught. Also, for a while, reoccurring dreams with glimpses of something vast and unspeakable left me in humble shock, that about 10 years later took form of studies and exploration of non-conventional blending of Amazonian and Oriental ways.
After I was introduced to the world or entheogens and works of A.Hoffman, T.McKenna, C.Castaneda, S.Grof, I travelled to Peru where I met Ayahuasca and other master plants in their original habitat.
After years of entheogen studies I dedicate most of my time to directing human and master plants’ potential into an organic awakening experience.
AlessandraLoves to facilitate ceremony space and compose medicine songs
After finishing university, travelled to South America, Chile and Peru, where she discovered beautiful, new culture and tradition of sacred medicines. She met with Edmund in Peru and they have been sharing a path of medicine facilitators and parents since then.
She loves cultural mediation and is trained as Shiatsu therapist and doula (mothers’ assistant) and naturally pre-disposed to channel medicine songs right into space.
Don Bechin
Don BechinMedicinal plant expert and traditional Ayahuasquero
Living in a small village few hours by boat in Iquitos, Peru, he’s been working with medicinal plants and master plants of Amazon for about 40 years. His house is always welcoming locals and travellers seeking for traditional medicinal treatment or just tow have a cup of forest medicine.