Ayahuasca brew preparation

In the territories of Amazon rainforest, from Brazil to Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela Ayahuasca, known as “vine of spirit” or “vine of death”, has been known for the centuries if not millennia. Along with many other plants and their preparation techniques, Ayahuasca brew makes a major part in Amazonian plant tradition. Its assumption in ritual context can be seen as a foundational element of spiritual practice that emphasise opening perception to other worlds (realities, dimensions) in which a healing becomes possible or to seek answer on important questions.

Through awakening of senses, recognising other possibilities or just a different perspective, Ayahuasca carries a potential of life changing consequences. Though its impact or effect can be anywhere in the range of slightly dramatic, meaningful or overwhelming and terrifying, it commonly challenges us at the borders of comfort. While its not uncommon in this experience to occasionally fall back into destructive patterns, Ayahuasca ritual is the stage on which we not just closely approach our limits, but also get inspired to study our mind, energetic, emotional and personality structure. Ayahuasca ritual is a dynamic training ground for life.

Ayahuasca takes us on a profound journey revealing more complete sense of how nature and our reality function, result of which can be anywhere between a fresh approach to daily challenges, truthfulness with oneself, to discovery of possibilities unimaginable before.

Ayahuasca effects

After assuming Ayahuasca person experiences peak states with amplified senses, feelings and emotions perceiving more intensely everything around which can both heighten perceptive sharpness or blur the lines and confines, and sometimes fuse both modalities altogether.

The intensity and experience of range of perspective leaves a remarkable impact by in-depth discovery of peacefulness, attention, perseverance, patience, generosity, transparency, truthfulness, naturally dissolving patterns of rigidity or anxiety, violence or pride. The latter expressions, making the part of human shadow, are not something to shun, rather to embrace by recognising their causalities and what is supporting certain behaviours.

Overall Ayahuasca manifests as a unity of physical, psychological or spiritual processes which all move into a common direction – harmonious, integrated human being.

Actualises blocked, harmful, toxic areas of our inner life by re-living of past traumas, violence, abuse from outside or to oneself.
Amplified vision of further development of witnessed process or patterns. The experience get intensified to much higher degree up to cathartic peak states
Intuitive comprehension about the need for harmony. Getting to know our current habitual ways and their impact on our life, the perspective on the outcome if things go the usual way. In an expanded state Ayahuasca opens perspectives or alternative view on even the most unresolvable difficulties.
Know-how for resolution or at least the next step. The spaciousness, vividness and depth of Ayahuasca effect itself becomes primary “teaching” of master plant directly suggesting a intermediate solution – allow space, pay attention, be mind full and aware and consequently create conditions for transformation.

What Ayahuasca IS NOT:

  • not a drug,
  • not a DMT trip,
  • not an entertainment,
  • not a panacea for anything,
  • not a recreative experience.

What Ayahuasca IS:

  • shamanic tea of medicinal plants,
  • a brew for detoxication and psychosomatic cleansing,
  • an experience of holistic therapy,
  • an experience of the inner teacher and guide,
  • a momentum of Magic

Who Benefits from Ayahuasca and How?

The Ayahuasca process helps us to gain more than a mental understanding of our lives.  It helps to reveal a heart based understanding of our situations. Within the Ayahuasca experience, it is hard to avoid one’s reality, rather on contrary – it opens one’s perception and awareness and let’s a person meet one’s mind in its totality.

Given that it reveals the knowledge of all of the different sides of personality (the pleasant aspects of it as well us the sides that we don’t get along with easily) it’s almost impossible to consume it in a recreational manner outside a ritual setting.

Even though Ayahuasca is potentially powerful support on a path for knowing ourselves, it is not effective when it is approached in a passive manner. Ayahuasca is not something external that “intervenes and repairs a problem inside us” without our intentional contribution. What makes it an actual catalyst for transformation is clear intention and honest availability, wanting to look and being present in seeing.

As was described above, Ayahuasca helps to expand and deepen the known experiences as well as the consciousness capacity as such, hence the main benefit is for the individuals who consciously search for exploring life, relationships and spiritual fulfillment.

Ayahuasca is often described as a healer because of the the inner processes that it facilitates, that eventually may initiate physical changes, psychosomatic and spiritual shifts in a person, change of habits, or release of addictive patterns, etc. The Ayahuasca experience inspires us and helps us to start changing so that a self-healing and genuine transformation may happen.