Claudette Thomas

Richard V.

In this grand time of human awakening, when ever more people seek higher guidance and truer direction in their lives, the sacred medicines at last long take their place among the many paths that lead to the remembrance of one's true self.

Ayahuasca provides one of the most direct and immediate pathways to self-inquiry and one only has to grab the opportunity that it provides for unrestrained personal and spiritual growth!
It is one of the most confrontational ways of healing one's inner self and in participation one is moved beyond the muddled and noisy mind, into the intuitive heart center, whence resides peace and unbounded love. And as with the microcosm of a single human soul so the macrocosm of humanity for it is here that humanity now finds itself, at the cross roads, seeking the remembrance of its own true nature.

Mother Ayahuasca will without any reservations or pretence show you your most deeply buried aspects of ourselves. Dredge them up for a re-examination and re-integration. For this is the only way to spiritual growth. No part of the shadow self shall be left behind, swept under the carpet or be left unforgiven.
It will present to you your worst, most negative aspects and show you how to heal yourself. It will tell you no lies and you will be shown with absolute clarity your impact upon others.
What you need to adjust and what you need to let go off. Mother Ayahuasca in all her wisdom exposes your most immediate issues and grants you a higher perspective on them, one that cannot be attained by the everyday rational mind. She shows you your pains and your fears, so that you might climb the ladder of evolution ever higher by re-learning unconditional love.
The remembering of your true essence, and indeed, the essence of All that Is.

Make no mistake about it, this is not a weekend excursion to the park, this is serious work on the self, that requires utmost dedication and disciplined preparation.
Skirting issues such as proper diet prior and subsequently to the workshop serves only to lesson the effect and the purpose of the whole exercise.

Our mainstream society provides/ed so many unhealthy temptations that go against our wellbeing, that one is definitely challenged to find that which benefits one most.
I found this one of the keys to proper preparation and subsequently true to form, found myself requiring much less food than normal during the workshops.
This is the physical proof that the spiritual work at the workshops has almost immediate real world results.
But I must say with a smile of remembrance that I truly enjoyed the healthy food on offer while I was there. And those who already were on the path of eating healthy, no doubt immediately appreciated the importance and the joy of finding something new to munch.

Every soul has its own individual journey and story. It is thus up to each and every person to decide how they will get from point A to point B. In the end all journeys are just as important and just as beautiful. And whether one seeks the company of shamans of Peru and the Amazon or the company of one's spirit guides, angels and galactic races, they are all there to help you in your journey in this life.

Thus I heartily recommend these workshops to all, because all are ultimately on a journey of self exploration. The company of shamans that shall accompany you is one of warmth and love.
Their beautiful songs carry you peacefully and providently through your darkest hours, your most exhilarating visions and your most profound lessons.
But this I say without exaggeration, the group of wonderful people undertaking the same journey as you, besides Mother Ayahuasca of course, they will be your greatest teachers while you are there.
And if you have never truly felt connected on a soul level to another person, yeah, expect that to become the whole group. As you are shown the illusion of separation and the truth of universal love.

If I could sum up this wonderful journey with the sacred medicines of Peru, I would sum it up so:

Those who have not experienced direct knowing, who have not been enveloped by direct experience, they know nothing.
This is your chance to know the infinity that dwells beyond the mind.
To remember who you truly are!


Country: Australia
Occupation: research scientist

One of my major motivations in joining Edmunds for teacher plant ceremonies was to get in touch with aspects of myself which are very important and yet which I have lost sight of, since I live in a big city and work in front of a computer most of the time. I wanted to remember and to rediscover what is really important to me and to find ways to return these things to my daily life. I was missing things! The teacher plant ceremonies have helped me a great deal in finding my own path and to begin to make progress in this.

The first time I met Edmunds was at Corto Maltes Lodge, in the Peruvian Amazon, a beautiful and ultimately very appropriate setting for anyone’s first experience with Ayahuasca. The ceremonies themselves were both very beautiful and very difficult for me, the most confronting parts really forcing a severe amount of self-reflection which has helped me to work more on myself and also to live more in the moment, which is a beautiful thing! I discovered very concretely the value of self-respect for myself and have now started to implement certain things in my life that have allowed me to share more love with others.

It is very important also that I felt looked after all the time. Edmunds is a very attentive, respectful and responsible shaman who has helped me in some very deep ways when the ceremonies have become far too much for me, particularly through his use of song and his gorgeous voice! Now this is very important because going through one of these ceremonies is ultimately a very serious and potentially difficult process. Edmunds provides a safe space for such experiences. Outside the ceremonies at Corto Maltes, we all went swimming together, took day trips to visit local farms and tribes with our fantastic guide Frank, and went swimming in Lake Sandoval. Just as important as the ceremony is the time to share and commune and eat together. The food at Corto Maltes is amazing, by the way.

The second time I met with Edmunds was during a yoga/meditation/teacher plant retreat, which for me was an opportunity to explore the relationships between the practices of yoga, meditation and Ayahuasca ceremonies, something I had been thinking a great deal about since my first experiences with the teacher plant resembled certain meditative processes I had been through, particularly in relation to the development of moment-to-moment awareness. In this week I made a great deal of progress in my meditation practice and yet was reminded very concretely and quite painfully of the obstacles I will always face. I went through something very painful, which Edmunds helped me out of and from which I have also learnt a lot about myself and ways to acknowledge and deal with these parts of myself, which are not so easy to be with. This retreat was very powerful. It would perhaps be better served if the programs of yoga, meditation and days of silence were more rigorous and more respected by all the participants. A number of the people there were not interested in much besides the Ayahuasca ceremonies and this is cool but perhaps such a retreat is not for them :-)

I would recommend these experiences to people who wish to discover more about themselves, the world and their reality. I would also caution them that this is a very serious and potentially painful way of doing so, which in the end is highly fruitful. Dong so with Edmunds guarantees a beautiful, safe and respectful environment for such a deep, profound process to take place.

Agathe B.

AgatheAfter I begun my psycho-analysis process 8 years ago, since then I’ve been wanting to deepen this work with Mother Ayahuasca. At that point I’ve already experienced sacred plants in Mexico, that have helped me a lot in my inner journey, letting me find my place in this world, to be a part of all and let the be part of me, to create a relationship of walking together with Mother Earth, caring each of other.

The experience with Ayahuasca was totally different than I’d possibly imagine. During the workshop and each ceremony, I’ve discovered and healed part of my shadows, my fears, my blockages, the resistance for letting myself be loved, for the lack of confidence and, more globally, to comprehend that I merit all of it.

I felt my heart to open, I let myself immerse in the pure love and this love went into gradual healing of painful moments of my past. This love was teaching how to be more tolerant for myself, for the other, to forgive, to simply live in knowing that we are human beings and nobody is perfect, that the mistakes don’t have to embarrass rather that simply to help us to grow.

Ayahuasca helped me to Love and to Forgive. Certainly, I think that Love and Forgiveness is one of master keys for the balanced life. Forgiving and Loving of ourselves is the beginning of forgiving and loving of the Other, I’m convinced that is the start of the virtuous cycle for peace and wisdom.

I suggest this experience to each person who’s ready to face the fears, having the desire for change.

The workshop was a journey of the body, heart and the spirit; a journey both inwards and outwards. It was one of those trips that change the life; I’m now in more peace and freedom.

Greatest thanks to Edmunds, all companions and participants of the workshop and the ceremonies, for being with us on this path of healing, as each one of them with their presence, words, their energy made it all possible.

Sheila Roll

Occupation: nurse and psychotherapist

Country: USA

My experience was so much more than I could have hoped for. Our guide for the jungle was fun and informative. The lodge we stayed at was so magical and beautiful. The grounds were spectacular and the bungalows were perfect. Just what one would hope for in the jungle. The activities were fun and exciting; learned a lot about the plant life of the surrounding area and enjoyed the beautiful sites of Lake Sandoval and Madre De Díos river.

The Ayahuasca experience was so profound for me in so many ways. Our shamanic guide, Edmunds, was the most gentle and loving spirit and had the most profound respect and knowledge of the Ayahuasca ceremony, he lifted one to the heavens. My hope was to learn more about myself and deepen my spiritual life. I feel, for me, 3 sessions were absolutely important to accomplish this goal. I learned through the taking of Ayahuasca what, in my life, was holding me back and was able to connect in a very powerful way with the great Mother of all times – Pacha Mama (Mother Earth).

I felt loved and supported in ways I have not known for a long time. I felt really understood by the great ancient teacher and will forever be grateful. I know that all of mankind can benefit from an ancient and wise teacher who only wants the love, we have to transcend all else and transform the beautiful planet once again.


Occupation: entrepreneur

Country: Italy

JolandaIn my past I had 20 years history of psychiatric problems, depression especially. Even if I reached some balance, I was not really satisfied. Doctors used to tell me I needed to assume chemical medicines to maintain my balance. I started to feel my body full of pollution.

I’m 35 years old. When I was younger, I always thought about life and made too many questions. I couldn’t accept the contradictions inside and outside of me. I didn’t know much about spirituality, but I was trying every time to investigate my sensations and feelings. Doctors helped me by psychotherapy and I thought it was only way to understand myself. In 2007 I decided to start again my inner search.

I began to read the books and learn meditation and yoga techniques. So I started to observe everything from a new view. I’m not my mind, I’m a soul, I observe my mind as a witness. So I began trying to slow down gently and tried every day to look for silence and feel the fullness of emptiness. I finally gave a rest to my stressed mind and to my weak body.

Some months later I met Edmunds, he invited me to experience Ayahuasca. It wasn’t easy for me to decide to go inside this path. Finally I consulted my doctor and we decided trying to slowly suspend my chemical therapy and start cleaning my blood and liver by Amazon sacred plants. I was fearful and had many doubts. In March 2009 I went to Peru.

First I went into the jungle to Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado and then to Sacred Valley. At the end we went to Marca Wasi. Edmunds was a great company and guide … and brother. It was everything better then I hoped. I discovered in me a new strength and courage. A confidence sensation followed me during the whole trip. I realized something very deep, not just by my mind but especially by the opened heart. I received the sweet sensation to be included and hug by my Mother Earth like taking part to an harmonic dance, altogether with beautiful persons, animals and plants around us.

I started to look at the sky, trusting and opening a new channel. It was like I met my parents again and slowly I gave up the idea to have been neglect because of some heavy guilt.

I realized that in my life I was moved by false images created by my mind and education. Mother Ayahuasca helped me to keep my eyes on these illusions, but showed me how they dissolve if I don’t follow them as if they were me. Just standing in front of them without judgement or identification. I felt I can support and give help, because I’m not alone, to the deep pain of human condition. In every Ayahuasca session I saw growing in me the strong patience and compassion.

I realized that I don’t have to reject what is different from me or what should be different, just let it be, as I am, and step by step let my soul surrender and rise, as a winner, to the power of love instead of fear.

The music, mantras, medicine songs and the voice of Edmunds helped me a lot to jump in this freedom and I saw something in me waking up, letting me make the choice to sing with the Universe. I watched finally the deep wound and I understood that I can support everything if I know and remember who I am and if I trust in myself as one with the all, the beauty and the power I see outside are also in me.

I learned to feel energy flowing through me and to realize when some stone obstructs the water of the river. I created and substituted new mind habits to be aware and always full of gratitude for every little present I receive.

When I came back from Peru, I felt something different in me and in my behaviour and I received the best confirmation from my friends and my family telling me that they have never seen me so quiet and peaceful, present, lovely and good looking. I can see them as a mirror, they are really surprised. My body also changed a lot and I feel lighter and full of health now. I stopped to assume drugs 5 month ago and my doctor was so happy to tell me that I don’t need her anymore.

Everything changes in every moment,
we can not stop transformation,
but we can and we must feed the seed of our dignity
for having back our power
remembering every moment
we are precious diamonds
looking for our light home.

Nancy Ann Cameron

Occupation: macrobiotic chef

Country: Canada

Nancy AnnThe Jungle healing retreats led by Edmunds have a very sweet quality. He is a beautiful teacher/guide who emanates a presence of equanimity and loving kindness. His teacher in the Amazon, Maestro Bechin, also has a very nurturing presence, sharing heartfelt compassion as well as enthusiastic attention to each one’s needs. These aspects allowed me to take great comfort in their guided awareness, both in my experience with the personal teacher plants, and in ceremony with the master teacher, Madre Ayahuasca.
It was a very powerful experience being with Maestro Bechin in the Amazon, along with Edmunds as our sensitive, insightful guide. The rich environment of the Amazon was the perfect setting for a deep connection with nature, and in turn a profound connection with my own essence. These aspects along with the “dieta”, which fosters a stronger connection with the spirit of the plants, all support more fully one’s transformation through this teacher plant experience
Maestro Bechin and his warm welcoming family live very simply, their movement unfolding in harmony with nature’s rhythms, while always displaying a peacefulness and joy throughout their day. This highlighted my own attachments, the myriad of distractions within my daily routine that keep me from a deeper connectedness to nature, to Pachamama, the goddess spirit of our mother earth. In essence there was a constant teaching unfolding all around me, a perpetual ceremony that began with the morning’s first meal, in all it’s simplicity, and continued throughout the day within the vast sacredness of this environment, ending after dark with the divine ceremony honoring the master teacher plant, Madre Ayahuasca!