The Story of Fire

Once upon a time a man was contemplating the ways in which Nature operates, and he discovered, because of his concentration and application, how fire could be made. This man was called Nour. He decided to travel from one community to another, showing people his discovery. Nour passed the secret […] Read more »

Freedom and Choice

A few years ago, I was teaching a workshop on the Heart Sutra. We had just finished that long list of negations and everyone was a bit off balance, having had the rug pulled out from under them four or five different ways. The next lines were, “Because for bodhisattvas […] Read more »

Three Questions

“You may have recognized your nature, But unless you are thoroughly familiar with it, You will be like an infant on a battlefield: The enemy ‘thinking’ will run all over you.” — Longchenpa, Buddhist master (1308-1363) Last year I took a short course in rock climbing — hanging from strangely […] Read more »

Who Am I?

A simple question, you say. Well, how do you answer it? With your name? With your family pedigree? With your job? At some point, you see that nothing you say really answers the question and you stop — at the edge of a vast open space. “This can’t be who […] Read more »

J.M. Fericgla: Shapeshifting or Ego-tripping

J.M. Fericgla, anthropologist, author, president of the Society of Applied Ethnopsychology (SdEA), and pioneer in the use of Ayahuasca psychotherapy, speaks about entheogens and the ego, and gives a different take on shapeshifting. —— J.M. Fericgla, antropólogo, presidente de la Sociedad de Etnopsicología Aplicada (SdEA), y pionero en el uso […] Read more »

With the patience to the mountain top

That day I was having a walk on the mountain Amiata, which is the highest in our area, a place where a local Dzogchen community is located. So its a very beautiful place with a scenic view over the Tuscany valleys. We were walking in the forest almost on the […] Read more »

An Inner Revolution

The enlightenment I speak of is not simply a realization, not simply the discovery of one’s true nature. This discovery is just the beginning—the point of entry into an inner revolution. Realization does not guarantee this revolution; it simply makes it possible. What is this inner revolution? To begin with, […] Read more »