Ayahuasca Retreats

At Ayahuasca Prajna we help in opening up the connection, a presence in one's heart - the feelings, emotions, knowing their causes and effects. The series of ceremonies with Ayahuasca, the sacred vine from the Amazon, and San Pedro, a teacher plant from the Andes - serve as a catalyst for reconnecting, reviving the body, mind and heart, bringing different parts of ourselves into balanced one being.

The insights from ceremonies are revived  in an environment of spiritual practice, using different techniques and practices with mindfulness meditation, breathing and other methods for body and mind from Buddhist and Yoga practice. These help in discovering one's inner strength and capacity to face difficult life situations.

Both, interaction in a group and in the private, serve to ground the Ayahuasca and San Pedro experience as well as one brought up in the practice sessions. The participants receive a personal attention either in an individual or group Satsang meetings, sharing sessions or personal couching interviews, which are the modalities of processing and integrating the experience during the Ayahuasca Retreat.

At the end this collective exploration, practice and sharing creates an imitate, family-like environment, the most supportive setting for opening and transformation.

Our vision is to provide these opportunities so that you are able to walk and grow with this experience throughout the rest of your life. Our Ayahuasca Retreat purpose is to deepen your spiritual awareness and practice, whether you are on that direction or still looking for one.

Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies guide into the deepest, heart (emotional) understanding of all our experience. A single ceremony is step further into being. It empowers the direction that is already taken and illuminates the possibilities available within and around.
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Meditation practice
Straightest way towards transformation is by knowing ourselves, learning an equanimity and cultivating the insight. As we get acquainted with mindfulness and awareness as an inherent element of our being, we learn to embrace the challenges and invite the qualitative shift in our life.
Satsang sharing
As experience enters our lives through heart understanding, sharing and interaction, there is no better way for it as in a Satsang. In a Satsang setting, called the circle of truth, inherited from rishi tradition from India, we are able to deal with every process, digest the insights and embrace questions, which we may have difficulty to ask ourselves. The essence of Satsang sharing are guided insights in which a person comes to an answer in one's own direct experience.
Sound and rhythm
Sound, music and rhythm is an important element during Ayahuasca ceremonies, so we continue to explore our body and mind through vibrations in between the ceremonies. Sharing music, exploring our voice through harmonics and journeying in the natural sounds of ancestral instruments is another pathway for inner harmonization and energetic grounding.