Ayahuasca ceremonies

Ayahuasca ceremonies have been practiced through ages as a shamanic therapy for shedding light on the totality of our senses, emotions, for connecting with our physical and spiritual "bodies". In the ceremony a person goes through an introspective process to see one's conditions and how to work with them. Through the process provided by an Ayahuasca ceremony setting a person explores all sides of oneself and takes another step forward more conscious human being.

When: Contact us for participating in a ceremony in Europe

The ceremony

The Ayahuasca ceremony is usually held during the late evening continuing into the night, inside a designated building called maloca or in a room that is set up for the ceremony. Participants sit in a circle on a comfortable mats. Everyone arrives to join the ceremony at least 2 hours before the ceremony begins (i.e. 7pm in case of a night ceremony that starts at 9pm) to meet each other and receive the needed instructions for the experience. This also allows for a participant to ask private questions to the ceremony guides about any issues or concerns and communicate the intention for the ceremony.

Once the introduction is over, after a short break, participants meet in the ceremony room where the Ayahuasca session is held.

Ayahuasca ceremony is an intentional, guided setting, held in a responsible, mature way. The session is guided by traditional and contemporary chants, songs, mantras, using different instruments and voice.

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Things to Bring

Come with light, warm and comfortable clothes and bring a bottle of natural water. Bring along some of your sacred objects, like a book or an amulet. Bring some food to share for breakfast; a mattress or yoga mat, a sleeping bag and/or blanket; a pillow, and a flashlight can be useful.


Ayahuasca ceremony cost in the Sacred Valley is 170 soles or approx. 60-65 USD (according to the exch. rate) or 100-130 euros in other locations.

To sign up for ceremony, contact us by writing to edmunds(at)ayahuascaprajna.com.