Journey into full space

Another year has passed. The cycle turned by one segment more. The last year was full of events, bright encounters and profound teachings. A whole year since the “global shift” was believed to occur, though no Earth-transforming apocalypses followed, no fanfares nor galactic fireworks. So what was it all about? […] Read more »

10 spiritually transmitted diseases


The following 10 categorizations are not intended to be definitive but are offered as a tool for becoming aware of some of the most common spiritually transmitted diseases. 1. Fast-Food Spirituality: Mix spirituality with a culture that celebrates speed, multitasking and instant gratification and the result is likely to be fast-food spirituality. Fast-food spirituality is a product of the common and understandable fantasy that relief from the suffering of our human condition can be quick and easy. One thing is clear, however: spiritual transformation cannot be had in a quick fix. 2. Faux Spirituality: Faux spirituality is the tendency to talk, dress and act as we imagine a spiritual person would. It is a kind of imitation spirituality that mimics spiritual realization in the way that leopard-skin fabric imitates the genuine skin of a leopard. 3. Confused Motivations: Although our desire to grow is genuine and pure, it often gets mixed with lesser motivations, including the wish to be loved, the desire to belong, the need to fill our internal emptiness, the belief that the spiritual path will remove our suffering and spiritual ambition, the wish to be special, to be better than, to be the one. Read more »

Emiliano P. testimony

Emiliano P. I started to connect my thoughts in a manner consistent with the heart sure the path is still long but I feel that the teachers plants I have purified from old beliefs and who have contributed to discover a different way of seeing reality much closer the self-respect […] Read more »

Immeasurable Reality

In its true sense spirituality is not a plaything or a pastime. It has nothing to do with enhancing you or your status in the dream state. Nor is it about gurus in long flowing robes, secret oral teachings, ancient traditions, or holy books that people claim were written by […] Read more »

Truth Is

Truth is only discovered in the moment. 
There is no truth that can be carried over 
to the next moment, the next day, the next year. 
Memory never contains truth, only what is past, dead, gone. Truth comes into the non-seeking mind fresh and alive. 
It is not something you […] Read more »

The Only Price

Life without a reason, a purpose, a position... the mind is frightened of this because then "my life" is over with, and life lives itself and moves from itself in a totally different dimension. This way of living is just life moving. That's all. As soon as the mind pulls […] Read more »

Ruthlessness and Ego

Student: How does ruthlessness apply to the destruction of ego? Ruthlessness seems so uncompassionate, almost ego-like itself. Trungpa Rinpoche: Well, it is ego's intensity that brings forth "uncompassionate" measures. In other words, when neurosis and confusion reach an extreme point, the only way to correct the confusion is by destroying it. Read more »

Crazy wisdom and no training

The whole concept of needing training for things is a very weak approach, because it makes us feel we cannot possess the potential in us, and that therefore we have to make ourselves better than we are, we have to try to compete with heroes or masters. So we try to imitate those heroes and masters, believing that finally ... Read more »

Habitual patterns – what runs our lives

As we grow up, moving on from childhood to adulthood, we develop ways of behaviour, habitual patterns. At first we just get used at doing things in a particular way and say "This is a better way of doing this" or "This reaction is the most appropriate at this situation". […] Read more »