The Practice

The dive into the world of theacher plants is a very practical one. We bring to this experience with our individual story, our struggles, our blind spots. As we may do this when we approach a spiritual teacher, the same is our aspiration by coming to “see a plant teacher”. There is either something specific we want to get out of it or we might as well just wish to open to an inflow of information or knowledge. We are looking for what can bring up a relief, reveal the missing element or show us the parts of us, which are out of balance, lacking the basic awareness and understanding.

Practice and the setting

Clearly the main thing for any practice that makes difference is the setting. What surrounds us while we make our efforts for knowing ourselves, the environment in which we walk, feel, see, what is below our feet, in front of our eyes, above our head all counts. Everything makes a part in the journey.
As there is allways a setting surrounding us, there is an internal setting that affects our walk. Even more than the external one, when it comes to the practice, as it is our own energy, attention, intention, motivation, one’s own purpose that is completely affecting how we connect with our experience, the relating to it.

Our approach, above every other factors, is what creates the setting for the practice so that it is a change-maker.

With Ayahuasca, San Pedro or other teacher plants, the setting is held in a ceremony and a retreat conditions. The ritual or guided setting sustains conditions of responsible, mature space to be combined with the same kind of attitude on the inside. Whereas the direct experience brought upon in the ceremony serves as an inspiration, the display of different possibilities and (practical) solutions, the practices embedded in a specific retreat setting help to take the journey to level that goes beyond appreciation experience itself.

Beyond experience

We say, “let’s go beyond the experience” and put it into a practical level, just to say that the fact of having experienced something does not bring up any changes. Even the plain understanding will not help us with our issues, struggles, non working relationships etc. What is needed for that is to know deeply, on the raw level, on our skin, what are the causes. Then to walk that knowing, to be engaged in it daily is what empowers the whole process.