About us

We offer an approach for responsible seekers and practitioners focused on healing, consciousness exploration and cultivating the presence. The process in a retreat setting unfolds with the help of, but not limited by, the teacher plants like Ayahuasca and San Pedro. As prajna means wisdom (an ability to see through dualistic mind), Ayahuasca Prajna mission is to help bring this wisdom and higher awareness, to expand one's capacities and learn to enable them on a daily basis.

Members of our community and staff have an extensive experience regarding Amazon indigenous shamanism (vegetalismo), Andean shamanism and integral spirituality. Our main location of retreats and ceremonies is in the Sacred Valley (Cusco), Pisac.

Facilitators and guides


Guide and facilitator of retreats

Guide and facilitator of retreats

For more than 15 years Edmunds has been dedicating himself to studies of consciousness.  Inspired by reoccurring peak experiences during the childhood, his calling has always been about exploring the boundaries of one’s mind, to understand what is the drive behind a life of struggle, confusion, constructed false identities and other "humanly" concerns that carry oneself away from actually Living the Life. He recognizes that humans share the same common yearnings to live and permanently experience the qualities of the Mind or consciousness that are apparently inherent in everyone. Nonetheless the fragmentary, transient nature of these experiences, if present at all, make up what is usually becomes as spiritual seeking - a journey called a spiritual path.

Edmund's vocation is a practical research of awakening an unconfined man's nature, exploring one's infinite potential in practice and in sharing it with everyone who comes across a path.

After leaving a work in a corporate environment, a life in a busy city, in year 2006 he moved to Peru to study the ancient tradition of Ayahuasca medicine. After a period of intensive learning with two Peruvian medicine men - Diego Palma (Cusco) and Don Bechin (Iquitos) - then he started sharing Ayahuasca with travellers who were seeking the plant wisdom and transformative healing.

His method of the work with teacher plants combine Peruvian traditional and contemporary modalities and is strongly supported by studies and practice of oriental wisdom traditions including Yoga, non-dual inquiry, Tibetan and Bön Buddhism, particularly the teachings of Dzogchen (The Great Completion) and Mahamudra (The Great Seal). On the outward side his intention is to communicate an integral view of these wisdom traditions in a grounded and practical language, encouraging one's own ability to find answers, to put out new questions and grown into greater stages of awareness.

Don Juan de Dios (Don Kucho)

Machu Picchu and San Pedro medicine guide

Don Juan de Dios has been studying the Andean tradition for more than 15 years, offering a unique kind of experience of ancestral medicine path blended with a non-religious approach. He facilitates a setting aimed at consciousness growth and awakening of the heart and mind.

Don Bechin

Amazon Dieta retreat guide and medicine plant expert

Don Bechin was introduced into the Amazonian shamanism during his early years and took the call to work with the medicine plants and plant healing more than 20 years ago. He facilitates Dieta Retreats with Ayahuasca and other Amazon medicinal plants in his house in Northern Peru, near Iquitos or at the retreats in other locations in Peru.