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Ceremonias de Ayahuasca y San Pedro

Próximas ceremonias, Perù

Los rituales con Ayahuasca y San Pedro han sido importantes prácticas espirituales tradicionales en el Perú, que se utilizan para curar el cuerpo, purificar la mente y cultivar la conciencia. Las ceremonias con estas plantas maestras son una poderosa manera para recibir las intuiciones y orientaciones, revelando formas de transformación.

Contactanos sobre las fechas de las ceremonias.


I realized that in my life I was moved by false images created by my mind and education. Mother Ayahuasca helped me to keep my eyes on these illusions, but showed me how they dissolve if I don’t follow them as if they were me. Just standing in front of them without judgement or identification. I felt I can support and give help, because I’m not alone, to the deep pain of human condition. In every Ayahuasca session I saw growing in me the strong patience and compassion.

Jolanda (Italy)
I heartily recommend these workshops to all, because all are ultimately on a journey of self exploration. The company of shamans that shall accompany you is one of warmth and love.
Their beautiful songs carry you peacefully and providently through your darkest hours, your most exhilarating visions and your most profound lessons.

Richard V. (Australia)
Ayahuasca helped me to Love and to Forgive. Certainly, I think that Love and Forgiveness is one of master keys for the balanced life. Forgiving and Loving of ourselves is the beginning of forgiving and loving of the Other, I’m convinced that is the start of the virtuous cycle for peace and wisdom. I suggest this experience to each person who’s ready to face the fears, having the desire for change. The workshop was a journey of the body, heart and the spirit; a journey both inwards and outwards. It was one of those trips that change the life; I’m now in more peace and freedom.

Agathe B. (Mexico)
It was a very powerful experience being with Maestro Bechin in the Amazon, along with Edmunds as our sensitive, insightful guide. The rich environment of the Amazon was the perfect setting for a deep connection with nature, and in turn a profound connection with my own essence.


Why Ayahuasca Prajna?

Traditionally the work with Ayahuasca is focused on connection with a realm of spirits, purging (cleansing) of emotional baggage, with a significant emphasis on the work with visions. In our view, that is just a small part of a person's spiritual quest. Learning to open up to blockages, traumas, suppressed emotions, creativity, sexuality, etc. is only the first step.

The questions “Who am I?”, “What am I?” or “Why am I?” have one answer: “You are here!”

Our aspiration is to use Ayahuasca experience as a catalyst for wakefulness. It is not as much a particular experience that "creates a transformation", rather its the Ayahuasca Retreat container with embodied practices and sharing (like the one of Satsang - a circle of truth or inquiry). Satsang is a powerful method that allows integrate the insights into one's daily awareness. Read More

About us

We are a group of people dedicated to the work with Teacher plants in an integrated practice setting. Some of us are Peruvians, some come from other corners of the world.

Members of our community and staff have an extensive experience regarding Amazon indigenous shamanism (vegetalismo), Andean shamanism, mind training and trans-personal psychology. Our main location of retreats, ceremonies and practices is in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Pisac village. Read More